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Transmission process. Performance appraisal 3D.
1 Select materials (Materials)
2 Save file for 3D files directly .STL Other files can be converted to the
prototype: STEP, IGES, 3DM, 3DS, 3DX, PLY, X_S, VRML, etc..
3 files into 3D with contact email : info@protothai.com.
4, we will calculate the price for 3D files with Software and sent back to you within 24 hours.
5 and confirm the deposit payment. (For new customers).
6 into the printer.
7 delivery / receipt.
The thickness of the workpiece or wall. Should not be less than 1.5 mm.,
We recommend setting the minimum is 1.5 mm. Yet. Due to the strength of the temperature and heat our homes.

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