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Ideal for : Functional prototypes Snap-fit parts for high or low temperature usage  Electrical parts , casings , mobile telephone casings Engine parts and covers

High_Temperature High Temperature
Ideal for : Form , fit and thermal function testing of static parts High-defination parts requiring excellent surface quality Exhibition modeling under strong lighting conditions Post-processing including painting , gluing , or metallization processes Models in transit Taps , pipes and household appliances Hot air and hot water testing




VeloClear, FullCure720
Ideal for : Form and fi testing or clear or see-through parts Glass, eye-wear , lighthing covers and light-cases Visualization of liquid flow Color dying Medical applications Artistic and exhibition modeling

Rigid & Opaque

VeloBlue VeroGray_VeloWhite

VeloBlack, VeloBlue, VeloGray, VeroWhite
Ideal for : Wide range of fit and form testing Moving parts and assembled parts Exhibition and sales & marketing models Assembly of electronic components VeroBlue is ideal for silicon molding


Polypropylene DurusWhite
Ideal for : Reuseable containers and packaging Flexible , snap-fit applications and living hinges Toys , battery cases , laboratory equipment , loudspeakers and automotive components



TangoGray, TangoPlus, TangoBlack
Ideal for : Exhibition and communication models Rubber surrounds and over-molding Soft-touch coatings and non-slip surfaces  Knobs , grips, pulls , handles , gaskets , seals , hoses , footwear


 VeloDent, Med610, Aligner
Ideal for : Clear aligners and retainers Orthodontic appliances Hearing aids Surgical guides

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