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       We believe that 3D printing technology should be available to anyone who may need it, whether it be a Fortune 500 company or a entrepreneur trying to develop a prototype product. With a unique ProtoThai business philosophy, customers’ businesses are productive, efficient, and competitive early on with the help from staff with real-world expertise in design, engineering, and manufacturing.

      We can produce your prototype, part or model at our facility. Any item that is designed on CAD software can be reproduced in various materials.  All that is required is a STL file version of the CAD file.  The file can be emailed to us for a  cost quote.  If needed, we can modify the file on-site for an accurate build of your project. 

     No job is too small. We specialize in time-sensitive projects that need quick turnaround time.


3D 4X100 Co., Ltd.

 927/95 Klong chan Sub District, Bang Ka Pi District, Bangkok 10240

 +(66)80-498-8985     Email: 3d@2nyxtech.com

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