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3D printing is not only limited to making prototypes for industry, there are an almost limitless amount of applications where 3D printing is viable.

Just mention the word custom or one off, and it is likely that 3D printing will not only be the quickest way, but will also be the cheapest way to produce the product. Below is a list of typical uses for 3D printing.


Architectural models can be made in both colour or monochrome directly from the CAD data that they are designed it.

Models can have multiple removable floors and fine details, and can be produced in hours not weeks or months for a fraction of the cost of traditional modelling techniques.


Prototypes for fit, form and function testing can be made from everyday plastics to simulate real life end products.

Because models can be produced in hours not weeks like injection moulding, and for a fraction of the price, multiple designs can be tested and time to market can be dramatically reduced.


Why not haveyour favourite character from computer games, Warhammer or Manga film printed?

With high accuracies, even the smallest models can be produced in either full colour or white plastic ready for painting.


Exhibition models are another excellent application of 3D printing. PROTOTHAI have made exhibition models for clients that were fractions of the cost of what they had been quoted, and would not have been completed in time to exhibit if it were not for our help. We offer all this without a drop in modal quality.


It is possible to print in bio materials and even human tissues that can be inserted into the body unrejected. Unfortunately we cannot do that (yet) at PROTOTHAI, but we can make you medical models of bones, organs, cells and even more from scans and x-rays. Please enquire about our capabilities.


As explained in our 8 great things about 3D printing section, you can 3D print full working mechanisms that come out of the machine ready assembled, with no need for post manufacture fabrication.

Have a look at the section and get inspired to design your own to show the world!


Very similar to our custom parts section is replacement parts. Use 3D printer technology to get your product’s broken or missing part replaced. If you like, you can send in the broken part to us and we will model it up and replace it for you usingour CAD service.


The finish is so accurate on our Objet machine that the parts can be used as end use products.

If you are considering producing one off products, or low volume batch produced items then it is likely that 3D printing is the way forward.


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