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Welcome to the info-hub of  3D Printing Thailand
Here you will find information regarding the process of 3D printing as well as various 3D printing options and 3D printing machines.
Let us show you how 3D printing would actually facilitate your design process and thus enable it to be simply produced in reality.
In fact, we hope to counsel you in your early design stages with our service that is reasonably quoted.


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Steps in Our Service

process of work


Please send us an email with the information of your work, such as size, material, special requirements, etc. .


As soon as we have set the definite parameters of your product, we will make sure to fix and check the details of your 3D design file, for it to be ready to move on to the production stage.


This stage deals with the most suitable production process and material that best suits your product.  In fact, to find the best solution to save your cost as well, we offer various production solutions that include 3D printing, CNC milling, laser cutting, among others – we do not limit our production house only to 3D printing !


As soon as your product is finished, you area able to personally pick it up or let us send it by post.  If you are located in Bangkok, we have a free door-to-door delivery service.

Good Services

We want to deliver your idea as good as it can be done through our supportive guidance.  It is important that you feel satisfied since you have reached out to us.

Flexible Choices

We hope to provide you with as much details and comparisons as possible, in order for you to decide confidently with all the options available, including cost saving alternatives in processes such as 3D scanning and printing, CNC and casting, to name just a few.


With a variety of production techniques, it is always possible to find and adjust the manufacturing process according to the client’s comfortable budget range.

High Quality

The most important measure we try to keep up is quality of work.  At all stages of production, it is worth what you are paying for.


Time is critical in the business world.  Every second opens up a new chance of success.  This is why we realistically put everything we’ve got into meeting your time limit.


With our straight forward consultation, we hope that we can help you get the most out of the prototyping process.

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